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Profile: Michael Darnton, In His Own Words

Michael Darnton will be familiar to many of our readers as the author of numerous informative (and sometimes controversial) postings on internet string-related sites. In view of this, it seems that some readers might like a more complete view of … Continue reading

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How to Shop for a Fine Instrument or Bow

Entering into any market as an uninformed consumer can be a scary proposition. The string instrument business is no exception. The esoteric and arcane nature of the objects, the clubishness of the dealers, and the stories of fraud and deception … Continue reading

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Workbench: Restoration, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

(Editor’s note: This article, written before Jeffrey Holmes left Shar Fine Instruments in 2003 to work in his own studio, is as timely today as it was when written in 2000.) As vice president of Shar Fine Instruments, part of … Continue reading

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The Stradivari Workshop, circa 1700

From many perspectives, but particularly the personal one, Antonio Stradivari found himself in a much different position at the opening of the eighteenth century than he had been only a few years earlier. In May of 1698, his wife of … Continue reading

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Building Career Diversity

In much of what is taught in music schools these days, there is a rift between art and practicality. Teachers often extol the virtues of esoteric artistic aspirations, while forgetting to instruct students on the business of surviving as musicians.

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