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Photographing Violins: The Switch to Digital

As people become more comfortable with computers in their homes, more and more photography is being done with digital cameras, in spite of the additional initial cost of digital equipment. The advantages are immediate feedback, the potential to do all … Continue reading

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Assessing Tone Wood Using the Lucchi Meter

Francois Xavier Tourte and Dominique Pecatte never used a Lucchi meter. In fact it was not until the late 20th Century that the first Lucchi meter was developed. Today however, the Lucchi meter has become so ubiquitous that the pricing … Continue reading

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Photographing a Violin

The photography of violins and other similar instruments is surprisingly uncomplicated. Photographers will probably immediately recognize the principles of copy photography, rather than more artistic forms.

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Profile: Michael Darnton, In His Own Words

Michael Darnton will be familiar to many of our readers as the author of numerous informative (and sometimes controversial) postings on internet string-related sites. In view of this, it seems that some readers might like a more complete view of … Continue reading

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Workbench: Restoration, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

(Editor’s note: This article, written before Jeffrey Holmes left Shar Fine Instruments in 2003 to work in his own studio, is as timely today as it was when written in 2000.) As vice president of Shar Fine Instruments, part of … Continue reading

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