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Der Doppelgänger: A Work in Progress

I first encountered Schubert’s Der Doppelgänger in college, right at the beginning of my vocal studies. Immediately I knew I was handling fire.

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Rethinking the Concert Program: Toward a New Paradigm

In the last three decades, the once anomalous summer chamber music festival has become the most common venue for chamber music performances in the U.S. While fiscal exigency has forced regular season series in major cities to scale back or … Continue reading

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Is That My “A” You’ve Got?

I’ve been given thousands of “A’s” in my career as a professional cellist. I’ve gotten them from oboists, pianists, violinists, electronic machines and assorted other sources, and as I have responded to these many “A’s” and listened to others respond, … Continue reading

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Building Career Diversity

In much of what is taught in music schools these days, there is a rift between art and practicality. Teachers often extol the virtues of esoteric artistic aspirations, while forgetting to instruct students on the business of surviving as musicians.

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